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At Meyer Van der Walt we realise that purchasing immovable property is probably the largest investment, most individuals will make. South Africa has a very efficient and specialised system of registration of title to land, and considerable conveyancing expertise is required to register any form of land title effectively and expeditiously.

Our services in this field of law includes, inter alia, property transfers, property development, township applications, sectional title, development schemes, housing development schemes, institutional bonds, personal and praedial servitudes, long leases, property trusts and notarial deeds.

The changing needs of South African society and The Constitution have affected our property law system. A good understanding of this system is essential for certain commercial transactions, property related legal matters, land reform transactions, foreclosures for financial institutions, registration of basic transfers and bonds and opening and registration of township and sectional title registers. We have considerable expertise in property development and close links with all related stakeholders, such as land surveyors, township planners, local authorities and financial institutions. Therefore, we can assist from the first to the final stages of any property development or commercial property transaction.


Meyer Van der Walt is well aware of the vitally important role of the corporate and commercial world and the rapidly growing small business sector in developing South Africa’s rich economic and financial potential.Small, medium and micro enterprises make up the greatest portion of all statistically counted businesses in South Africa.We have, therefore, made it our business to develop considerable expertise and experience in the field of corporate and commercial law. Consequently, our client base has continued to expand.

We have acquired the necessary know-how in drafting contracts.We offer a wide spectrum of services at the office of the Registrar of Companies, including company and close corporation registrations and company searches. Our constant attendance at the Registrar’s office ensures a speedy and efficient service that is always focused on the needs and best interest of our clients.


Meyer Van der Walt offers personal, sensitive service in respect of the drafting of wills and estate planning as well as assistance with the winding up of deceased estates.

We understand and respect the sensitivity required in handling deceased estate matters and strive to assist and support our clients during the sometimes daunting and difficult task of winding up an estate.


The choice of which marital regime or system is best for you can be a confusing one. It is however an important aspect that will have effects throughout your marriage as well as thereafter.

Meyer Van der Walt offers both advice on the various options for a marriage in South Africa as well as the cost effective registration of Ante – Nuptial Contracts. (ANC’s).


EZCONVEY has been developed in order to provide an information portal for clients in respect of advice on costs, contracts and conveyancing processes in South Africa. Through this portal a client is able to access up to date advice regarding any matter related to his property needs as well as easy to understand process guidelines. A user friendly cost calculator is also available to assist in the financial planning of a transaction. An easy question and answer facility puts the client into direct contact with a professional able to assist.

CYBERCONVEY - Exciting development coming soon...

CYBERCONVEY is geared to assist a client in the handling of matters currently in progress. With a direct interface portal able to accept instructions as well as provide a client with up to date progress reports enabling a client to interact with MEYER VAN DER WALT in an effective and hassle free way irrespective of where the client may be.

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